Thursday, May 3, 2018

Where My Mind Wandered (this week)

Welcome to a new edition of stuff I couldn't stop thinking about this week!

1. Every time I scroll Facebook and come across a photo of someone wearing their shoes on their bed or curled up on the couch, I have an actual negative physical reaction. We got in the habit of not wearing shoes in the house nearly 20 years ago, which made the transition of living in Asia (where no one wears shoes in the house) quite comfortable. In Shanghai, we regularly saw humans using the sidewalks as toilets, so there was no chance I'd wear my shoes (or let anyone else wear theirs) in my home. I got into a lively conversation about this while in America last month, so I wanted to share two links with you. The first brings you some science about why wearing shoes in the house actually isn't healthy. And the second is a wonderfully written piece about the non-shoe-wearing customs in several Asian countries. We have quite a collection of slippers for guests to wear when they enter our home, but unlike in China, most guests here in Hong Kong tend to just go barefoot. Maybe because we have amazing floors that feel good on your feet (see above photo)? What about you? Are you a shoes off or on family?

2. Have you seen the CBC comedy Schitt's Creek, starring Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy (along with Eugene's son Daniel)? It's about the wealthy Rose family, whose accountant neglected to pay their taxes, who end up living in the only asset they still have, the unfortunately named town of Schitt's Creek (which was purchased as a joke for their son's 16th birthday and then promptly forgotten about). I love this show so much, mostly because I love anything with Catherine O'Hara in it. A few years ago when we screened Beetlejuice for the boys, I shockingly realized I'd patterned a lifetime of sartorial and beauty choices after her character, Delia Deetz (mostly black clothes, bold red lip, bright ginger hair, heaps of confidence, check). The costumes in Schitt's Creek do not disappoint either. I went down the rabbit hole of sourcing one piece I saw on the show, and found this article about how they find the amazing high-end wardrobe pieces with a minuscule costume budget for the down on their luck Rose family. 

3. And here's something else you can watch... my brilliant niece-of-the-heart Maddy Caddell recently started a new YouTube Channel (she and her sisters make up the smartly funny and beautiful Three Ginger Sisters). While visiting her in Los Angeles, we spoke a bit about a new vlog she did on Generation Z. I hear so many complaints about how "young people these days always have their phones in their faces." Maddy makes some great points about why that is, and why it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Take 8 minutes and watch her talk about Generation Z and why they matter! And then definitely subscribe to her channel for more smart info on all sorts of great topics!

4. And for more conversation about experiencing life with a phone in your face, I couldn't stop thinking about this piece... Are museums purposely making themselves Instagram ready? A quote from the article, “In the pre-digital photography era, the message was: This is what I’m seeing. I have seen. Today, the message was: I was there. I came, I saw, and I selfied.” Another quote, “These manufactured entertainments aren't significant art exhibitions any more than a Chuck E. Cheese arcade or the Block of Fame at Legoland,” says Christopher Knight, an art critic for the Los Angeles Times. “They're just snobbier.” Read it and tell me what you think! 

5. And because fashion is a top Instagram topic (two of my friends just started new accounts just to post their outfits of the day), I've also been thinking about the upcoming Met Gala, where celebrities wear over the top garments relating to the year's theme. This year's theme? Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. With Cultural Appropriation a hot topic on my Facebook feed, it made me wonder what you should wear if you aren't Catholic? And then my favorite Jewish blog echoed my thoughts with their slightly cheeky post on What are Jewish Celebs supposed to wear to the Catholicism-themed Met Gala

That's it for the links. I had a blissful overnight getaway with my husband because of Hong Kong's Labour Day public holiday on Tuesday, but somehow am still having to cram in a full week's worth of work in the remaining days of the week. Here's a thought: Do we ever really get a break? Is taking a break worth it if it means we have to redouble our efforts to get the same amount of stuff done in less time? I guess that's what I'll be mulling over as I'm sorting the never-ending pile of laundry that grew while I had my back turned just for a moment... 

Have a great remainder of your week, Friends! 

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  1. Oh yes. You give yourself a break and after that you have to work twice as hard the next few days to get up-to-date with whatever you didn't do during the break. Frustrating as hell. Needless to say we tend to spend most mini-breaks at home, for it's just not worth it, for neither my husband nor me.


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