Monday, May 14, 2018

Book Club

Book Club spread!
Last year I read slightly more than 52 books in 52 weeks. We knew we'd be transitioning from one country to another, with little time to dedicate to writing. Reading is a great way to become a better writer, so I was happy to aim my focus on that. This year I'm still reading a lot, but with no direction or timeline or goals. Except for one...

When we first moved here nearly a year ago, I signed up for every event or group I could find in an effort to make friends and build community. I found a book club in our little beach town thanks to Facebook, and before I could talk myself out of it, I signed up. I'd never been part of a book club before, so I had no idea what to expect. The book club gave me my favorite book of the year, A Gentleman in Moscow, but it was a dead end as far as making friends. The group disbanded after my first attendance, before I'd even exchanged any contact info with potential buddies.

A few months later a local friend mentioned I should join his wife's book club, which has been going for a decade and also meets in the same little beach community where I live. It seemed unlikely that it would also break up after going strong for over ten years, so I downloaded the book to read on my Kindle and showed up, not knowing what to expect.

The first book club was a scholarly experience, where the facilitator had a list of questions and expertly moved the conversation along so that we ended exactly on time. For an introvert like myself, this can be somewhat ideal. Not a lot of time to quickly come up with small-talk, just dive right in to the book discussion.

The second book club is called Books and Bubbles and while there is always at least a small discussion about whatever the book of the month is, the focus is on the amazing food and drink the members bring to share (see photo above, actual pic from book club), and the conversations that spring up from a group which includes nearly a dozen nationalities and even more backgrounds. As an introvert, it's a little bit terrifying. As a collector of stories, it's exhilarating. It's the absolute best evening of each month, and I'm so grateful to somehow have become a part of it!

The books we've read have varied wildly, though when asked what my favorite book from my year of 52 Weeks, 52 Books was, this group also read A Gentleman in Moscow. I didn't even mind reading it a second time. It will likely go on to be a book I'll return to again in the future.

One thing about my year of reading was the conversations which sprung up over Instagram when I posted an image of a book I'd just finished. If you count the number of likes, they were my least popular posts, but the people who did like them, really liked them. I still get requests to continue. So I decided to add a little link here to the blog to show what I'm currently reading in case you want to read along as well.

Right now I'm halfway through The Book Thief by Alfred A. Knopf, which is definitely a great book to curl up with when you want to be cozy or if you're not feeling well and want to escape (though considering it's written from the perspective of Death, maybe you don't want to read it when you're not feeling well?). I'll update the link whenever I start a new book. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

*Some links on this website may be affiliates, meaning at no cost to you, I might get a small bonus to be spent on more books. Thank you!

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  1. Emma and I both read Book Thief. Then we watched the movie together and cried. Good book. I've never joined a book club before since I'm such a slow reader and don't often give myself permission to sit and read a book. Then last semester I had to read 60 books! I am incredibly thankful for audio books!! I wonder if I would enjoy a book club now...


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