Saturday, March 17, 2018

Talent vs Hard Work

I’m surrounded by talented people. I’m drawn to them, especially the ones talented in areas where I’m not. But not all of them are successful, at least not in the area where they have remarkable talent. Myself included. Especially myself. We all have areas where we shine. And like the poster in my high school guidance counselor’s office, success in life is not just about our gifts, but what we do with them.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates 
the talented individual from the successful 
one is a lot of hard work. --Stephen King

This is the year I’m focusing on discipline, small habits being built day after day, which in turn lead to a lifestyle where success can blossom. I saw the quote above in a magazine article and googled it, which lead me to this article, a quick but good read.

It’s only March but I have genuinely grown so much already. It has not been easy. I didn’t expect it to be. There have been some challenges that I certainly didn't anticipate. But I'm embracing them and learning from them. Looking forward with great anticipation to the fruits of the lessons I’m learning now. 

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