Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I spiked a raging fever last Saturday while Michael was on his flight home to Hong Kong. 

I spent the last five days wrapped up in bed or on the couch, in my Christmas PJ’s and warm fuzzy socks with Nurse Lucy Rocket on my lap, while my temperature has soared between 101-104F (38.3-40c). 

"Where do you think you're going? You are staying right here! Nurse's orders!"

I took ‘taking it easy’ very seriously in light of the flu which is knocking people out worldwide. No other symptoms have developed, no sore throat, no headache, stomachache, no respiratory issues. Just this crazy fever which has made me feel detached from my body and given me wild dreams. 

I’ve been taking vitamin D3, sleeping whenever I felt like I could (no matter the time of day), and slathering myself with anti-flu essential oils. This morning my fever finally (finally!) dropped below 100F (37.7c). 

I have two observations: one, YAY IMMUNE SYSTEM! You’re doing a great job, successfully fighting off whatever nasty buggy was trying to take me down! Normally you fight for a day or two and then give up and I end up in the worst kind of misery. But not this time, GO TEAM! And two, WOW, being able to take total and complete rest for five days is the ultimate luxury, only made possible because my sons are teenagers and can manage themselves without my help, because I have a husband who will work a full day with jet lag and then still hit the grocery to stock up on edible items for our family to sustain themselves nutritionally, and because I have a housemaid (#expatlife) who comes in a few times a week to stay on top of laundry and clean the kitchen and bathrooms (keeping everything as disinfected as possible). 

I know we’re told to “stay home and rest” when we have a contagious infection (i.e. the flu), but honestly that’s almost never really possible, is it? I mean is it? Are you currently sick and reading this from somewhere other than your bed? If you’re a mom of little ones, it’s impossible. If you have a demanding job, you might physically stay home but the phone doesn’t stop ringing (and the emails don't stop coming in). If you live here in Hong Kong you have to take public transit just to get to the doctor, thereby shedding germies to the unsuspecting public, not to mention just wearing yourself out by walking to the bus, the MTR train, up and down stairs, etc. I’m exceptionally grateful I’ve been able to cocoon/hibernate/quarantine myself until I feel totally better, perhaps for the first time ever. 

However... even though I don't have little ones any more and I am my own boss at the moment (and I'm neither Type A nor a true perfectionist), I confess to feeling great disappointment that I’ve not written at all these last five days. I haven't even stepped one foot into my home office (keeping the germs in just one or two places in my home instead of everywhere). I feel like I’ve blown my very Disciplined writing streak while we’re still in the first month of 2018! Ai ya! But, as always when I choose a word for the year, it teaches me something unexpected

So I’m reframing my thinking: it actually takes a lot of discipline to stay in bed when you’re sick while there’s a lot of things to do and people to see and homework to help with and hungry teenagers to feed and a husband who has been out of the country for a week that you've missed deeply. 

But I did it. I stayed in bed so hard!

So I'm not calling these five days a failure. Certainly my immune system is cheering me on because of all the help I’ve tossed it’s way! And my temp has fallen and things will likely be back to normal tomorrow, and I’ve had more sleep in five days than I’ve had the entire rest of the month so YAY ME. Nurse Lucy Rocket is going to be very disappointed there won't be a lap to sleep upon at all times. And hopefully no one else will be taking my place in the coming week... the fever stops with me! 

P.S. This post brought to you by my phone, while sitting on the couch, with the exact view as seen in the photo above. Tomorrow I may attempt the office... 

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