Thursday, September 28, 2017

Three Months in Hong Kong

Yesterday I was out of the house for most of the day, getting home after the rest of the family was already in bed and asleep. But just because I'm not here doesn't mean that the laundry does itself in our tiny washer/dryer machine that takes about four hours to complete a very small load (no, not an exaggeration of the time). Close to midnight as I was watching the spin cycle while eating a late night snack in the kitchen, I realized it was actually the end of our third month in Hong Kong. We've completed our first quarter of the year!

I've been doing a little project where I take one second of film every single day to record our life here in Hong Kong. It's funny how just the tiniest snippet actually opens a flood of memories of the day in question. I've never bought into the ideology that less is more, I mean, let's be honest, MORE is more, right? But it's actually a very low key, easy way to document our time here. I've posted the videos month by month over on Instagram and thought I'd share the links here as well. Originally I was just going to do the first month of our stay in Disney Explorers Lodge, but I found it wasn't really a burden to create thanks to an app that does all the heavy lifting, so I continued. I'm so glad I did! At the end of the year I'll put it all into one 365 second video. Enjoy!

Month One:

Month Two:

Month Three:

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