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Ode to a Shanghai Sofa

When my Mama was growing up, the walls in her home were a riot of noisy color. Mustard yellow, avocado green, deep crimson. And though my Mama is an artist, she found the colors to be dark and oppressive. She dreamt of a quiet, peaceful home with pale white walls where her furniture and art could be the focus. 

When I was growing up, the walls in my home were white. White, white, white, every room, every wall. My little brother and I wore my Mama down when we were in the 4th and 5th grades, and my brother got one wall painted the palest of blue in his room, and I got the palest of creamy yellow painted on a single wall in mine. It was barely satisfying though... I daydreamed of a home with walls dressed in a riot of noisy color. 
At age 18 I moved from the family home into a tiny bachelor apartment, and then got married at 21. In our almost 21 years of marriage, we have never yet owned our own home. Which means I've lived the entirety of my adult life with Rental White walls. Some…