Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wandering, Again (Finally!)


Our Five Year Shanghai-versary is just a few weeks away! This is a huuuuge record for us, since becoming Mr & Mrs over two decades ago, my husband and I have never before lived in one city (or country!) for five consecutive years. 

But considering there are five of us in our little family, it seemed like five years is a good solid number of completion. Soooo after much thought and deliberation, we decided it was time to say goodbye to Shanghai and move home! 

BUT... Where is home, when you've moved fourteen times between five countries in twenty-one years of marriage? 

Is home a place you were born but have no memory of living, as America is to Benjamin, our youngest son? 

Is it one of a dozen places you've lived and loved and created family out of friends, people who are closer than any actual relative because of the crazy life you've walked through together?

We left it up to the littlest member of our family to decide where to go. And with great furry enthusiasm, Lucy Rocket asked if we could please move back to her birthplace, and our former home from twelve years ago, HONG KONG! 

The rest of us thought this was a splendid idea, and even Disney went along with the plan, offering my husband a coveted permanent position in one of our favorite and most visited cities on the planet, still the current home of people we love and are thrilled to reconnect with. 

And: In the most beautiful bookend I couldn't have planned if I'd tried, my oldest son Nathan, who began Kindergarten in Hong Kong way back at the start of his school career, will also graduate high school there! 

We are all very excited for the new adventures in our former and future home! We'll be moving by Benjamin's birthday at the end of June. We're in the midst of applying for schools and scoping out places to live, along with the paperwork hell that comes with legally living in a country where you weren't born. Hong Kong real estate is notoriously tiny for the price, so we're also downsizing our belongings like crazy so we don't start out frustrated with too much stuff and not enough space (thus my post yesterday). Good times!

Nope, not yet able to say what my husband will be doing for Hong Kong Disneyland other than continuing to make Disney Magic! WE heart❤️ HK!

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