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Daily Beach Pic

During my month long holiday to America in February, I went to the beach almost every single day, if only to do a quick parking job by the strand to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 

When we lived in the Los Angeles area, we went to the beach on a regular basis. Generally it was at the end of the work and school day, and we'd pick up sandwiches or a bucket of fried chicken before making our way to the sand with a big blanket. We'd eat, and then the kids would run around and make all the noise they wanted. It was the perfect way to let them burn off some energy while we adults enjoyed the tranquility that only a beachy sunset can provide.

I also had a routine where I'd drop the boys at school and then walk a mile or two along the sea, just high enough on the shore to not get my sneakers wet, but close enough that my glasses would be opaque, soaked with salty spray. I loved it. 

I always marvel at people who'd buy houses within a mile of the ocean but never actually…

Hello, my name is Heather

I only started drinking coffee once I moved to Asia. I think this was partly (or mostly) a social thing. Speaking very generally, many people in the Asian countries we've called home do not entertain in their homes, but instead will meet you out for a beverage. In Macau, this happened very often. I'd meet a friend for coffee, and would scan the menu and find the sweetest, coldest coffee-containing beverage I could find, and then nurse it for the hour I was chatting with them. When we were meeting at Starbucks (there were a whopping two when I lived there), I gravitated toward the Frappucino, which is pretty much blended ice and sugar, with a splash of coffee. If I was somewhere else, I'd still stick with something iced and sweet.

On this trip to America, I got an iced coffee and my Dad, who drinks his cuppa joe hot and strong and black, kinda flipped out. You are drinking coffee?? he exclaimed. Yep. Sort of. I mean, I'm sure there's some in there, right? Also on t…

It's just a dinosaur

I love the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies. And while it's hard to pick a favorite character, I've always had a soft spot for Rex, the dinosaur with the tiny arms. It could be because he's green, or perhaps because he's so very earnest and anxiously enthusiastic about everything, despite things not coming very easily for him. 
My favorite line from any movie I've ever seen is from Toy Story 3, when Rex's love interest, Trixie, utters "It's just a dinosaur" to him when he discovers an online chat room where she's been conversing with another Dino toy. 
We use that phrase all the time, to mean any number of things. Things not going as planned? It's just a dinosaur. Deflecting praise? It's just a dinosaur. Banged your toe on the bed post? It's just a dinosaur. 
This trip to America, the boys and I visited Disneyland a whopping five times. My favorite time was when Michael flew in and my parents flew in and we all went together. Many attrac…