Monday, September 14, 2015

Back to School, Shanghai Style

Hey! It's been a minute. Sorry about that. I was sucking up every last second of summer. Yep, the big news around here is that school has resumed. I've never really written about our school choice here in Shanghai, but Hong Kong's daily newspaper, the South China Morning Post has. Literally. Look:

Yep, that's my family! I subscribe to SCMP's feed on Facebook, and I'll tell you it was ALL SORTS of weird to see our smiling faces show up when I was scrolling through before bed last night.

Would you like to read the article? Click here.

And just for fun, here's our first day of school photos. Or, more accurately, our day before the first day of school photos. We dropped the boys off at the dormitories the night before school started, so no lovely smiling faces in their smart uniforms to go in the scrapbook. Or, on the blog, because I'm not the scrapbooking type!


The boys walking on campus with their suitcases. The big red banner was only up for the first week of school. 

In lieu of an actual first day of school photo, this is a just-finished-moving-into-the-dorm photo (they were saying "hurry up and take the stupid photo, Mommmm!" I took a photo of them against this same wall at the beginning and end of last year as well, to mark their growth. Hopefully they don't paint away that line and I can capture them on the last day here too.

And then this is us and our sad faces, waiting for a taxi to take us home, after leaving the kids on campus. 

The good thing about the particular boarding school the kids attend is that it's just a bit over an hour away from our house, so they do come home on the weekends. Good practice for a few years from now when they're off to college (likely in a different country than wherever we're living).

I'll do a longer school-centric post soon. I started one some time ago and never got to it! 

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