Thursday, July 30, 2015

New things

Today was pretty hot. Even Lucy Rocket, who lives to be outdoors, was like oh no, I just can't with this blazing pavement. 

So she hitched a ride on Ben's skateboard. 

Side note: I always check the pavement with my own bare foot before subjecting Lu's little paws to potential burns. The heat in summer here, much like the cold in winter, is brutal. She's less than 4lbs, so easy to pick up and carry to a shady spot to do her biz.

Honestly though, I try every single day to get my kids up and out of the house, even if we just go to the corner mom and pop shop to get a frozen treat. Objects at rest like to stay at rest, so I'm all for a little movement to stop the stasis. But today even I was unwilling to trek up the street for anything at all. Instead, I looked around the house for something to do, and found all the art supplies I brought back from camp that we used in my visual arts classroom. 

There was one student in the class who was a watercolor genius. I'd purchased pretty decent watercolor paints for the students, but she had her own set in her bag which she preferred to use. I engaged her in conversation about her work, and she told me she practices watercolor every day for at least an hour. I couldn't help but be in awe... I can't think of anything right now where I have the discipline to practice an hour a day. 

So with her in mind, I pulled out the watercolor paints and messed around a bit before spending an hour painting. I'd never worked with watercolor before. I use watercolor pencils and acrylic if I need color in my work. It was incredibly relaxing. And what I really loved was how unforgiving the watercolor was. If you mix a color with another color that is still wet on your paper, then the colors blend. It surprised me to find that this did not make me freak out at all. It was nice to not have precise, exact control over the finished product.

So here's the result of my very first dedicated hour of watercolor painting:

I painted flowers, because it was a visual reminder that whatever we water, grows. Just like my student who spent an hour a day painting and had an amazing portfolio to show for it, I want to focus the finite amount of time I have each day making sure to water the areas of my life I want to see grow. And art and creativity are always on my list! 


  1. Lovely flowers - I'm not an artist, but I do appreciate it when others are! I've been saying for months that I need to discipline myself to write daily - it's probably even more important when I feel I'm too busy to take the time.

  2. I wish I took the time to do things like this! It's totally not what I'm watering right now. Someday!


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