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New things

Today was pretty hot. Even Lucy Rocket, who lives to be outdoors, was like oh no, I just can't with this blazing pavement. 

So she hitched a ride on Ben's skateboard. 
Side note: I always check the pavement with my own bare foot before subjecting Lu's little paws to potential burns. The heat in summer here, much like the cold in winter, is brutal. She's less than 4lbs, so easy to pick up and carry to a shady spot to do her biz.
Honestly though, I try every single day to get my kids up and out of the house, even if we just go to the corner mom and pop shop to get a frozen treat. Objects at rest like to stay at rest, so I'm all for a little movement to stop the stasis. But today even I was unwilling to trek up the street for anything at all. Instead, I looked around the house for something to do, and found all the art supplies I brought back from camp that we used in my visual arts classroom. 
There was one student in the class who was a watercolor genius. I'd pur…

Try again

I was part of a two week summer camp here in China for local youth (ages 12-19), teaching English and arts. A team of people from Los Angeles came to join up and help run the camp, along with some expats in and around the greater Shanghai area, as well as many local Chinese. I was willing to help out however I was needed, and the camp directors slotted me to teach English. I also partnered with one of the L.A. team members, an old friend and mentor, to teach the Visual Arts class.

I'm not a trained visual artist by any means, my education is in live theater. But I am an artist because I do make art as often as I can. I have previously taught art (and have even been paid handsomely to do so as recently as May). I run a weekly creative group call the Playground out of my house, so if you asked me what I'm good at, I'd probably list "helping people express themselves creatively through art" somewhere near the top of my list. So that part of the camp was excellent, …