Monday, May 18, 2015

Walk in Shanghai

It's grey and rainy and humid and depressing today in Shanghai. Plus, for whatever reason, there is a bit of a stench coming off the river (I'll remember Shanghai by its smells as much as its sights).

This building below, which is the only thing that blocks our (normally) fabulous view of the Huangpu River, has stood mostly vacant since we've lived here. Next week will mark three years in Shanghai for us (hello record!), and there are no more than five floors with lights on at night. There are many "ghost towns" in China, where major construction has happened and then was abandoned, leaving the shell of a city totally empty (there is one such town about an hour from my house), but it's odd to see something so very empty right smack in the middle of this bustling, vibrant city. Especially a building that has some of the very best views anyone could ever hope for in Shanghai. It's a little eerie. 

And speaking of eerie, may I present this video which is both beautiful and vaguely disturbing? I've been everywhere you see in this video (and you can actually see our building in a shot or two). 

Walk in Shanghai from JT Singh on Vimeo.

It's how I feel much of the time here. Like I'm going backwards while everyone else is going forward, or vice versa. Enjoy!


  1. I never thought of the river smelling. Eeeew. I loved the movie, but I tried to play it backward in my head to figure out how they filmed it. :)

  2. OMG! I think we're neighbors. Do you live in Summit? We have the same view...

  3. @Rachel, oh goodness... the smells here are intense. I never would have survived a pregnancy here with the increased sense of smell and hyperemesis... The river is crazy polluted, and depending on how high or low the tide is determines how "fragrant" it might be. But normally you only notice it if you're walking along the riverfront (which I do frequently with the dog). It's unusual to smell it from the house. But it was very fishy today. Ugh!

  4. @Ingrid, yep! We are! 38th floor. I just clicked through to your blog and see you are leaving SH this summer. We have at least another year. We've been here three years this month and it's a record for us, we don't normally stay in one place this long!


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