Monday, March 2, 2015

It's just a dinosaur

I love the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies. And while it's hard to pick a favorite character, I've always had a soft spot for Rex, the dinosaur with the tiny arms. It could be because he's green, or perhaps because he's so very earnest and anxiously enthusiastic about everything, despite things not coming very easily for him. 

My favorite line from any movie I've ever seen is from Toy Story 3, when Rex's love interest, Trixie, utters "It's just a dinosaur" to him when he discovers an online chat room where she's been conversing with another Dino toy. 

We use that phrase all the time, to mean any number of things. Things not going as planned? It's just a dinosaur. Deflecting praise? It's just a dinosaur. Banged your toe on the bed post? It's just a dinosaur. 

This trip to America, the boys and I visited Disneyland a whopping five times. My favorite time was when Michael flew in and my parents flew in and we all went together. Many attractions at Disney theme parks have you exit through the gift shop. One of my favorites is the Toy Story themed store you exit into from the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. When I saw the green Rex plush dolls, I got super excited and took a bunch of selfies. 

My Mom asked me if she could buy me the Rex toy. I quickly said no. I'm an adult, I don't need a stuffed animal! I recently even told the boys "no more additions!" to their collections of plush toys. But I still had a longing to take Rex home. He's so sparkly! My Mom sensed my hesitation and extended the offer again. Finally I said yes. Mainly because I couldn't think of any other time in life where my mother would ever utter the words to me, "Can I buy you that dinosaur?" again in life. And how could I say no to that? So, Rex is mine. Thank you Mom! 

He's the same size as Lucy. 

But Lucy is not impressed. 

That's okay. 

It's just a dinosaur. 


  1. That is one of our favorite lines too and is oft repeated in our house.

  2. That is one of our favorite lines too and is oft repeated in our house.

  3. It's true! Heidi must really mean it because she said it twice.

  4. Awww. And I'm so happy to see new posts. Thank you. <3


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