Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back in China

We all just arrived back in Shanghai after a gloriously warm and sunny month in Southern California. Michael was only there the last two weeks. The boys get six weeks off for Chinese New Year, so away we went! It was the first time back in two years for the boys and I. Michael has gone on a couple short business trips in the last two years. 

I spent the day restocking our in-home mini "pharmacy" with the bounty of goods bought from the States. Some people go "home" and buy all their favorite foods. We ate our fill of American food while we were there, but brought back tons of cheap, bulk antihistamines, antacids, vitamins, cold remedies, and pain killers. Yes, you can get all those things here in Shanghai, but generally in a seven day supply from the doctor or at an exponentially increased price from what it costs at America's Costco stores. 

And now to climb into bed. Seems I also brought back an accidental souvenir of a miserable head cold. I got on the plane feeling just fine, but 20 hours and two flights later I was unable to breathe through my nose at all and now have a fever as well. Glad for the abundance of cold remedies now fully stocked! 

Grateful for an awesome trip to America, but also happy to be back home in Shanghai and in my own bed with my sweet little dog. More soon! 

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