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Death by Chocolate

I can't have chocolate. Did you know that? Eating it, or simply smelling it, triggers horrible migraines which can last up to three days. I only discovered this about the time I was pregnant with Benjamin and got serious about trying to figure out what might be triggering the migraines. It was crazy how cutting out the chocolate cut down significantly the migraines which have been a steady part of my life since childhood.

My first migraine came with a smell of burning rubber. For two days I would sniff the air and ask other people if they could smell what to me was the noxious scent of someone peeling out in their car on the street. No one could. Then the headache hit and it was so bad I threw up several times. Sometimes I also smell oranges. I don't smell burnt rubber before a migraine anymore, but I'm still suspicious when I smell citrus in a place where there isn't something obvious to give off the scent. If I don't have a phantom smell to warn me of the impendi…

2014: How did I do?

So last year was great! I had some incredibly high highs. Michael and I had a recent conversation where I was somewhat mopey and blue and said I felt like I didn't do enough this year, and he corrected me with a massive amount of things we did indeed accomplish. Not just little things, but huge, life changing, world changing things.

I think that one problem that kept me from truly embracing the highs was one particular low that I allowed to creep in and affect even the good things early on in the year and then let it hang out and stay around. I'm not going to share specifics as the root issue is still there and unlikely to completely resolve any time soon. But I will say that I'm resolute to not let it color 2015 in a negative way like last year. What's one of my biggest beliefs? That we may not be able to change a situation but we can change our attitude about the situation? Ugh. Practice what you preach, Heather! Enough is enough! Let it go!

So how about we focus on t…