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Merry Christmas from Shanghai!

It's our third Christmas in Shanghai, which seems like forever for us! To mark the milestone, we decided to actually feature Shanghai on our annual Christmas card. We just wanted to make sure we were sticking around a bit before we committed... heh heh heh. We live just out of the frame on the far right hand side of the photo, in the shadow of the second tallest building in the world, and the first and second tallest buildings in China. I do love this city so much!

You'll note that Nathan has now surpassed Michael in height, which officially makes him the tallest member of his family, on both sides. Ben is trying desperately to catch up.

This morning Michael and I slowly woke up and made our way to the living room to find the boys around the tree. We asked if they wanted to eat breakfast or open gifts first. You can tell they are teenage boys (or almost in Ben's case) because food came first.

Lucy Rocket wants to wish you a very merry Christmas too! All she wants for Chri…

Limitless Laowai Podcast (and the sound of my voice)

Hey! I have some exciting news! My friend Ally Mona along with her husband Ron have launched a new website and podcast called Limitless Laowai.

What is a laowai, you ask?

laowai    \ laʊ-why \   noun;A foreigner, of any nationality, age and profession, currently living and/or working in China; one looking into a future move to China.I am a laowai. So is my entire family. So are about 85% of my friends here in Shanghai (I'm super fortunate to count among my friends a good number of local Chinese, and that, I think, makes a huge positive difference in my experience living in Shanghai). My friend Ally is also a laowai, and something she noticed about living here in China for so many years is how this is a land of really unlimited opportunity. I say very often that there is so much freedom here in Shanghai, which is a hard-to-explain and controversial statement considering the government system here. Coming from America where everything is heavily regulated, I've come to greatly ap…

Christmas Magic with HRC!

It's finally December! The time of year when I don't have to hide my extraordinary enthusiasm for all things Christmas! 
This month I'm taking photos every day of all the magically delicious Christmas things that catch my eye in Shanghai. 
Three cheers for Christmas! Hip hip hooray! 
Tonight we had our group of creative friends over to enjoy some made-from-scratch turkey soup using up the leftovers from Thanksgiving. We also made paper Advent chains to count the days down to Christmas, and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, which was originally released in 1965. The depression Charlie Brown felt all those years ago over holiday fatigue and wondering what it's all about is just as relavent today. Never gets old. 

And, unrelated to Christmas, but certainly to December in many places, we are in the middle of a cold snap. Temps will dip below freezing this week. It's actually hovering at freezing right now. Bah humbug! Neither Lucy Rocket nor myself are a fan. She just can…