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Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care, the book!

Hi Friends!

Sorry I've been sparse in this space of late. Between internet issues (the bane of our China existence!) and some big writing projects (my book! My book is taking shape!), there's not much left for the blog. But I did have to figure out a way to get in here to let you know that my friend Rory, who I've posted about here and here, has gone and published a book containing similar information to her popular blog, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care.

I just re-read Hemingway's A Moveable Feast (so good, especially now that I've walked those streets in Paris and sat in those cafes he spoke of, and am myself an expatriate), and I was moved by the way he drops in his relationships with so many great writers of his time. It made me think about how I have a strangely high number of friends who are writers and published authors. I daydream of one day long from now writing my own A Moveable Feast set in Asia, where I'll drop in my own friends' names. And then I b…

Jedi Mind Tricks

If you've spent time with me in real life any time in the last 15 or so years, you know that any time I get together with a large group of people, either family or friends, I always insist on taking a big group photo of everyone. It's just what I do. My kids are well trained in this, and they know that if they quickly pose and smile, the pain is over fast and they can go on with their lives rapidly. Other friends and family members took awhile longer to condition, but for the most part they have come to appreciate that I have over a decade's worth of documenting heights and hair colors and changes. Like I said, it's what I do, and there's no likelihood this quirk of mine is going to change any time soon.
Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated in China and several other Asian countries. It's a public holiday here, very similar to American Thanksgiving, a time for families to gather together, eat lots of high-calorie food, and feel gratitude for the …