Friday, July 11, 2014

The Playground

When I wrote this post, I mentioned I was about to embark on a new venture. Well, I'm happy to report it's been launched!

On Monday evenings we gather up a group of people from a handful of backgrounds and countries to eat a meal together and then do a creative activity. Watercolor painting, birthday celebrations, practicing four disciplines that are guaranteed to make you more creative... But most of all, just doing life together on a regular basis with the same group of people. Though it's all adults, we call it the Playground. I was thinking back on childhood and how easy it was to make friends the minute you stepped into the sand at the park. I wanted to recreate that same feeling, but without the slides and swings. Though I haven't ruled out something along those lines for the group just yet! To create the group, we looked outside our usual group of friends and ended up with mainly youthful single career professionals or newlyweds, all without kids. It's always good to get a new perspective, and I hope that Michael and I, married 18 years with a teen and a tween give them as much as we receive back.

I myself am working on a painting for each day of the week with our Summer routine. Mondays we Play, Tuesdays we Swim, etc. Though after I finished the one above, I realized it might look a little lonely, with just the one swing. Not the kind of playground that inspires group play. But in my head, I meant it to be a statement along the lines of there's always room for one more, join us! But not in a creepy, Twilight Zone, Room 22 kind of way!

This afternoon we're jumping on one of China's high speed trains to head to Suzhou, a nearby lake town which is a few hour drive or a 30 minute bullet train ride away. No definite plans, just time to play as a family for a couple of days! Hoping the rain holds off, the hotel has an awesome infinity pool overlooking a lake which the boys are itching to splash around in!

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