Thursday, July 24, 2014

Parenting a teen

In the last month, there have been three instances where total strangers have freaked out when I told them I am the mother of a 13 year old. None of the people doing the freaking out seemed to be less than authentic in their shock. I admit this makes me feel pretty good, as I'm rapidly approaching a huge milestone birthday which feels like midlife, and I'm slightly freaking out myself.

Now granted, we are just eight months into this parenting teens adventure, but right now I can cautiously say it's going pretty good. It feels somewhat like parenting a toddler all over again, but at least this time I'm better rested and a whole lot wiser. 

Maybe I'm just more relaxed this summer, with the gaping hole of social media temporarily boarded over. Maybe it makes me look younger? I just hope they aren't simply being polite! 

Today my highest compliment came from a local real estate agent. Good friends of ours left Shanghai a year ago, and miracle of miracles, they are returning to Shanghai in a few days! I couldn't be more excited, especially since they will temporarily be living right across the street from us for the next two months. Today I was their eyes and ears, and went along with their real estate agent to check out apartments for them, taking photos to send back. The agent was making small talk with me, asking if I have any kids. I told her I did and mentioned their ages. She went nuts, saying there was no way it was possible for me to be their mom because I looked far too young. 

Sorry to disappoint, but I snapped that compliment right up to hang on to for a bit. Nice! 

Gratuitous shot of downtown from their new master bedroom: 

I know where I'd be hanging out if I lived there... Glued to the window! And look at those blue skies! It's been like this all week. Simply gorgeous! Yet another reason to look "young"... Not being able to contain my joy this summer! So much beauty this wonderful season in Shanghai! 

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