Wednesday, July 2, 2014


And because this is China, a bottle rocket instead of a mere candle on his cake!

Well done young man! On Monday you successfully made another circuit 'round the Sun and in so doing, brought lots of joy to lots of people! No wonder we made your birthday celebration a four day affair culminating in Tuesday Swim, which ended up getting us drenched from the rain instead of drenched from the pool water, sending us scrambling for a dry spot to consume lemon cupcakes. No matter, the best birthdays are the most memorable, and this one, filled with fun activity for four days straight, surely will never be forgotten! Neither will your much-longed for purple skateboard! Love you, dear Benjamin! Stay unique always!


  1. Yay!! Fun birthday!!! :) I love that he's all smiles in the pictures. I was reminiscing of when we met him and Naomi sang happy birthday to him.

  2. I would be a little scared of that rocket on the cake. How do you blow it out??!!

    Happy Birthday Ben!!


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