Friday, June 13, 2014

Shanghai Disneyland Resort Update!

I have been extremely careful to not post anything related to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort project that hasn't been officially released to the public. But golly (as Mickey Mouse would say), it's sometimes hard to keep your mouth shut when there's exciting news! Especially when you've been eating, sleeping, and breathing that news for two years with the guy who is working on it...

I'm happy to be able to report what was just released to the public today, the news that the Shanghai Disney Resort will feature a purpose-built theater especially made to bring in Broadway style productions (i.e. not just a "theme park" theater, but the real deal). And they just this morning announced that the first production will be THE LION KING! And hey, something even more special about this production... it will be the first ever Mandarin-language version! 

A quote from the press release
The premiere of THE LION KING's Mandarin-language production will be presented at Walt Disney Grand Theatre, a new world-class 1,200 seat Broadway-style theatre to be located in Shanghai Disney Resort's retail, dining and entertainment area, directly adjacent to the resort's Shanghai Disneyland park. Casting for the show is scheduled to begin this summer in China with a focus on recruiting and developing local talent. Shanghai Disney Resort has engaged United Asia Arts Entertainment to support the casting efforts.

Exciting news! We have seen THE LION KING so many times. We recently had the chance to see it again in London, but decided to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead, knowing there was a good chance we'd be seeing Simba and Nala cavorting about in Chinese very soon. Good thing we know the story very well, as our Mandarin is... well, let's just say our Mandarin is not happening. I wonder how Nants ingonyama bagithi baba, Sithi uhhmm ingonyam from the opening of Circle of Life will translate? 

Wondering what I'm talking about? Here's a video (with lyrics) to enlighten you. Can NOT wait! 

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