Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quote me

Are you on Pinterest? I confess I was a very late adopter. I have several friends who tried pitching it to me right when we moved to Macau (hi Rachel!). I resisted for two reasons. One, if you don't know something exists, then you can totally live without it. And living in a place where things were hard to come by (it took me six months and a plea on Twitter to find a shop that sold yarn) meant it was much better to be in the dark about the latest trends and to simply be content with what I had. And two, I felt like it would reduce my own creativity and quiet my originality if I spent hours pinning everyone else's ideas rather than spending those same hours brainstorming my own projects or even better, actually making something.

I finally jumped in about a year or so ago when I was part of a creative team that used Pinterest to share ideas for things like stage design and graphic ideas. I felt so slimy, like I was compromising myself. But I have to say it's been a really useful tool. 

Remember my New Year's goal to host 14 dinner parties in 2014? It's going great actually. I'm ahead of schedule... it's June and I've already hosted 9 dinner parties, with another one on the calendar for this Friday! Yay me! I've been using Pinterest to collect and sort recipes to try out, to ensure that every meal I serve isn't identical to the last. This has ended up being very helpful to have a starting point to launch from. 

I do try to avoid the Arts & Crafts section, as I really want to rely on my own imagination when it comes to artistic projects. Anything I pin there tends to come from the blogs I already read that I go and manually add rather than from cruising the boards of others. But one section I'm always glancing at are the Quotes. As a person for whom words carry a lot of weight and meaning, I love to collect little words of wisdom or lines of gorgeous prose or poetry. 

Today I delivered some crackers and 7-Up to a friend up the street who caught a nasty stomach bug. On the way back, I stopped into a tiny stationery store. It was about the size of a bathroom, but it was stacked full of every paper good or writing implement you can think of. I stepped in and found a journal that wasn't lined and a double-sided permanent ink marker. I'm a sucker for journals! When I got home, I decided it was going to be used to jot down some of my favorite quotes and sayings, with a bit of doodling to illustrate. I wasted no time in adding the first quote: 

I then added a second, which is very meaningful to me as well: 

I call everyone darling or dearest or love, and I adore calling people out to explore and have adventures with me. In fact, today was meant to be one of exploring with the very same friend who got the special delivery of tummy ache relief foods. She sent a text at around 4:00 am to say we needed to postpone our trip to a retro resale area which fills a city block. I was anxious to find some ridiculous and non-boring clothes. We'll get there yet! Just not when she's got a stomach bug... 

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  1. I thought your FB fast meant blog fast also. Imagine my surprise when I stop by and see a bunch of fun posts to read...with me in one of them, no less! I still love my Pinterest. My girls are on it (chatting), but I use it as a tool (like you mentioned.) It's so helpful!! Miss you!


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