Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Ducky

I'm back from my personal creative retreat, feeling so great! I spent my time writing, reading, painting, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and walking over 15 miles through gorgeous mountains and nature around a lake. I had lots of time to think and daydream. It was astonishing how peaceful it was. 

Our vacation style is to go cheap on lodging because when we go somewhere, we go-go-go and try to jam pack as much as we can into each day, using our hotel room just for sleeping and showering. This time around, I splurged on the lodging, booking a room with hardwood floors and marble, overlooking a lake in the mountains. There was no Starbucks within walking distance (or really any commercial enterprise). I booked in for a massage and facial in the hotel's spa, at crazy non-Shanghai prices (I've been so spoiled by the cheap massages here in China!). 

Thankfully, there was also a huge lack of guilt for being so blatantly self-indulgent. My husband pushed me to take this time and was overwhelmingly positive every time I touched base with him back home. This whole trip was luxurious... From the heaps of time that I was able to "waste" just gazing off into the distance, to the fancy complimentary bedroom slippers and enormously thick down-filled duvet. How grateful I am for this mini break!

I feel a thousand times more centered and at peace, creatively recharged and ready to jump back into things in my daily life which have been dragging me down. Also, coming back home after my self-imposed Social Media Summer Break had already begun (and wisely not bringing social media with me) means the peace will hopefully continue for awhile. This is my fervent prayer anyway!

Here's to tranquility (with a touch of whimsy)!

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