Friday, May 23, 2014

Private retreat. Finally.

A year ago I mentioned that my sweet husband was going to send me off for a weekend of sweet solitude, sans family responsibilities. What happened instead was a week long stay in a local Chinese hospital where I had a hysterectomy. In the time since then, I've still not had that promised break. Michael, on the other hand, has had a business trip to Los Angeles which he extended for a couple days to see beloved family and friends, several "team building" weekend trips with co-workers to lovely water villages and mountain ranges with waterfalls, and many fancy dinners out while the kids and I ate leftovers at home. I snapped just a little while ago, when yet another team building overnight trip for Michael popped up on my Google calendar. Bless him, Michael sat me in front of the computer and said, "Book yourself a trip. Go somewhere amazing."

I searched and searched for cheap deals on airfare and hotel for anywhere within a four hour flight or drive radius, and came up with a great trip to a place that has comfortable beds, blackout curtains, free wifi, 24 hour room service, and a gorgeous, gorgeous view. But the location will remain a mystery to all but Michael himself. And maybe my parents, as sending a detailed itinerary to them whenever I leave home (even if home isn't on the same continent as them) is a long standing habit.

It's just a four day solo trip starting next Thursday. But it's been eighteen months in the making. I will squeeze every tiny drop of enjoyment out of it, I guarantee it. And then when I get back, Michael can go off and climb to another waterfall or hang out at a lake with his team and I won't begrudge him. Bliss is on the horizon...

This is a lake in Austria. No, it's not where I'm going. But it looks so peaceful and made for a little rest and relaxation with plenty of solitude on offer! That's exactly what I'm going for...

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