Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hi Dad*

The Macau Ferry Terminal gangplank.

I'm still around. Real life got busy and tedious recently, and the internet decided it hated me. Or hated most of China actually. Which cut me, and the many people who live here, off from most of the rest of the world. We just got back from a week in Hong Kong and Macau and it was like a miracle to tap the Facebook icon on my phone and have it open immediately without having to sign into a VPN first. It was even more amazing to be in Macau where there is free wifi everywhere, pretty much doing away with the need to get a SIM card with a data plan.

Man, I miss the ease of life in places that aren't Shanghai. Of course, I also remember that while living in both Hong Kong and Macau I rarely would describe life as easy. Which makes me worry about wherever we end up next, and whether I'll look back at these years in Shanghai as easier than wherever we end up. Who knows. No, no plans to move anytime soon!

We do have big decisions to make regarding the boys' schooling though. We are in a strange predicament which requires a longer post with more description and explanation. What we're doing right now isn't continuing to be the best possible situation for any of us, so we're being creative and thinking outside the box we find ourselves in with the hopes that a new situation will present itself soon. Or at least by Fall.

We spent most of today out of doors, enjoying the all too brief gorgeous Spring weather where you can wear shorts and a tee shirt and be perfectly comfortable, no goosebumps from a chilly breeze, no sweating until your clothing is soaked and you show signs of heat exhaustion. It's the sweet spot right now, and you cannot force me indoors!

We have a guest from the States arriving tomorrow. Actually, we've had a long string of guests in the past two months. So pardon my absence here so I can go be social in real life!

*My Dad has been sending me Facebook messages, Facebook posts, text messages, and emails reminding me of my duty to update the blog. Love you Dad!

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  1. Yay for your dad! lol I DID get tired of seeing "cheesy cravings" everytime I checked your blog. :) This will hold me over for a little while.


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