Friday, February 21, 2014

Spare Oom

We're nearing the two year mark in Shanghai. In all this time, we've had only two sets of guests. Compare that with Macau, which saw our guest suite filled at least once a month. So, in a wild stroke of genius, fueled by the frustration of having a room with a huge king size bed that we could not use for anything but sleeping, we asked the landlord to remove the bed so we could transform it into something else. We took to calling it Narnia (because you get into it from the Spare Oom), and intended to use it as a creative space for us to work on art projects and sew without having to use the dining room table (which we are terribly old fashioned and actually use to eat meals around). It was a brilliant idea! 

However! Out of the blue we now how guests lined up to stay with us every single month through the end of summer. So, we're frantically trying to turn the space back into a spare room used for sleeping. We've got tons of air mattresses and foam mattresses which, as I mentioned, got lots of use in Macau (our record was eight guests in one night!), so we should be able to make it work. Speaking of work, I better get on it. Our first set of guests arrive the day we get back from Tokyo! Lots to do, as you can see from the photo above! 

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