Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shang-High-Noon, Week 6

Wow, what a gloomy week! We did have snow flurries two of the days. In fact, it was actually snowing in the photo on the 5th day, so the third photo down on the left side has some dark spots, which are snowflakes falling on my phone (and face!).

I've been uploading the photos from my phone on the Blogger app, since I'm having so much trouble with Blogger on my computer. However, in doing so, I've noticed the colors are far more saturated than they are on my phone or on the computer when the photo is saved there. This one is a little more accurate. I think using Internet Explorer is the problem, I can't upload any photos while using it. This one was done using Google Chrome, which is good, but a different and more laborious experience than I'm used to. Oh well, here's to change, right? And here's hoping next week we'll see a change to more blue skies! 

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