Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crazy Russians in Shanghai

So there is this footage of a pair of Russian daredevils who hopped a fence onto the construction site of the tallest building in China and then climbed all the way to the top, without any safety equipment. This building happens to be a block from my house. Here's a photo of the Shanghai Tower taken from my lobby entrance:

The building on the right with the hole in it is the Shanghai World Financial Center, and it was the tallest building in China (and second tallest in the world) until the Shanghai Tower came along to leave it in the shadows. During Chinese New Year, everything shuts down, including the construction of the Shanghai Tower, which usually goes on round the clock. So it was easy for these two lunatics to climb a fence and gain access - there was no one around.

Here's a still photograph taken by these guys from the tippy-top of one of those red cranes, free of any rope or harness, looking down onto the Shanghai World Financial Center:

Yeah, it totally makes me wanna barf. Which is why I cannot bring myself to watch the video below in its entirety, which is a 5 minute documentation of their climb to the top over a 24 hour period. I have a thing about heights. We don't agree. But I'm posting it here because my husband and sons have watched it, along with all my friends in Shanghai, and thought you might want to see it too. If you don't have a thing about heights that is! (Email subscribers, please click through to the site to view the video!)

Here is a link to some still photos they took, and here is an interview with the daredevils on how they did it and why. I'm guessing security has been beefed up a little since this took place...

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  1. I got to about 1:43 and I couldn't watch anymore. Crazy guys!! But what a beautiful view.


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