Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shang-High-Noon, Week 1

This year I've begun a project that I didn't get to complete in 2013.

Last year I took a photo of the sky in a generally western-facing position every morning at 9:00 a.m. I called it "The Sky at Nine." Sadly, the project ended about the time I went into the hospital in July for my surgery and many-week recovery. I was quite sad to have started something that I didn't get to finish. 

Toward the end of 2013 I started thinking again about doing something similar for this year. I thought about how the 9:00 a.m. photo taking time was a little rough with our daily schedule. And then I thought, what if I do it at noon? High noon? Shanghai noon? And thus Shang-High-Noon was born. 

I'm really hoping to keep it going this year. To keep me accountable, I'm going to Instagram the weekly progress and then post it here.

have plans for a big art project which will use all these photos at the end of the year. Here's hoping I can keep it going and get that project completed! 


  1. How are you numbering the days - left to right, like reading, or top to bottom and left to right? I'm just curious because we get so much nasty pollution blowing in from China and it would be interesting to see how our air compares with yours and how long it is after you have a grey hazy 'dirty air' day until we get it! Good luck with your project and enjoy!

  2. Good question! I'd meant to explain the order, but we're having massive internet/VPN/Blogger issues and after I hit publish I remembered I'd not written anything about that (after writing and re-writing this post half a dozen times only to watch it disappear into the ether). So it's like a book, left to right, upper left corner is January 1, upper right corner is January 2, and so on. We've have dreary grey drizzle the last four days, so this next week will be all tones of dark with one blue sky I think... I have another post about the nasty record-breaking pollution we've had in the last two months, but I can't get it to go live! Grrrr, arrrgh. Soon, I hope.


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