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Shang•High•Noon, Week 4

It was such a beautiful week in Shanghai! Only two days were grey. Record so far! 

No what?


New Year's Goals, revisited

So remember my New Year's Goalswhich involved getting organized, writing my book, and throwing 14 dinner parties in 2014? In the interest of being accountable to myself, here's an update.

On the getting organized front, I've done something really, really amazing. One, I talked to a friend here in Shanghai whose recommendation was to do a little every single day. I'm such an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I either jump in over my head until I'm nearly consumed, or I don't participate. The idea of baby steps is foreign to me. We are used to moving every twelve months or so, and that is usually the only time I ever sit down to purge or assess my belongings. We're here for a couple more years at least, and I can't wait that long. So I've really embraced the idea of small changes leading to positive habits which become a lifestyle.

Every single day since January 1st I have picked a small (or large) item, space, or collection of things, and did some organi…

Shang•High•Noon, Week 3


Taste the Rainbow

I tagged along with a friend who has a car and driver today, and we made a stop at a Tesco, a huge grocery and home goods store I've not been in before. I didn't get much, but I did take a couple contraband photos in the produce section, which was all arranged by color. A beautiful sight! 

Shanghai Rebel Roasted Marinara Sauce

Readers, I have had it up to HERE with some of the crazy exorbitant prices for imported grocery items in Shanghai. The latest victim of my wrath is the minuscule jars of marinara sauce which cost $5 USD a jar for 400 grams of sauce. I'm too lazy to look up the conversion for the Americans, but here is a photo of one of the jars:

I have a baked penne pasta recipe, courtesy of either my mother-in-law Carol or sister-in-law Holly (they both make it, not sure which of them originated it) which I used to make all the time because it was easy, cheap, and feeds a crowd (or, my two growing boys). However, the recipe calls for the equivalent of about 5-6 of these jars worth of sauce. So just in sauce alone, the cost of my penne recipe has already hit $30 USD.  Add in the Shanghai cost of spicy Italian sausage, pasta, a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, plus a small bit of Parmesan to grate on top, and my easy, cheap penne pasta recipe is now a $75 USD main dish. I don't know about …

Shang•High•Noon, Week 2

It's been a beautiful week according to these photos! In date order, they go left to right, starting in the upper left corner, just like reading a book (in English that is!). 
Today is the bottom left corner. A stunner for sure! If only I wasn't on day five of a killer headache and could enjoy gazing skyward...

Shang-High-Noon, Week 1

This year I've begun a project that I didn't get to complete in 2013.

Last year I took a photo of the sky in a generally western-facing position every morning at 9:00 a.m. I called it "The Sky at Nine." Sadly, the project ended about the time I went into the hospital in July for my surgery and many-week recovery. I was quite sad to have started something that I didn't get to finish. 

Toward the end of 2013 I started thinking again about doing something similar for this year. I thought about how the 9:00 a.m. photo taking time was a little rough with our daily schedule. And then I thought, what if I do it at noon? High noon? Shanghai noon? And thus Shang-High-Noon was born. 

I'm really hoping to keep it going this year. To keep me accountable, I'm going to Instagram the weekly progress and then post it here.

I have plans for a big art project which will use all these photos at the end of the year. Here's hoping I can keep it going and get that project co…

2014 Goals

I'm not much of a resolution gal. I don't really know anyone who makes them stick throughout the year. In the past, we've chosen a theme for the year, and have been very successful there. This year I realized there are a few things I've been attempting to do and making space for in my life, and I thought I'd formalize them a bit. Here they are:

First, getting organized. I'm not OCD in the least and feel very comfortable with chaos. However, I have two children and a husband who depend on me for certain things, and I feel like I need to go back to the drawing board and figure out a system of some sort which is going to make our daily lives more functional. I've been implementing some small but effective changes in the last two months, and I'm looking forward to finding someone who is great with this sort of thing who I can bounce some ideas around with. This first item leads right into the next... Second, there is a book inside me. It's kind of painful…

Welcome to Midnight!

2014 has arrived in Asia! Here's to a great year full of health and lots of love! Happy New Year!