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A Dolly for Christmas

I've been having some serious issues with Blogger, which may explain my absence here in recent weeks. Because life has been so busy with loads of fun holiday activities, I've not had much time to sit and figure out what's going on, and posting at all is an exercise in massive amounts of patience. Life will shortly slow down a bit and then I can resume posting about our European vacation and Holiday fun.

In the meantime, I would like to point you to my friend Rory's blog, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care. Each year her daughter receives just one Christmas gift from her parents, and this year she asked for an American Girl doll. Rory took the amazing step of adding in yarn extensions and styling the dolls hair to look just like her daughter's! See the post here.

In my pre-American Girl doll childhood, Cabbage Patch Dolls were the thing to have. I wanted one so badly, but they were out of reach cost-wise for my family. My grandmother Rose began to create rag dolls in the…

Merry Christmas!

We are simply having a wonderful Christmastime. I hope you are too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


A harsh reality of expat life is that you say goodbye more often than most people. This life is like an airport, with constant arrivals and departures. 
My son Nathan, at 13, has decided the pain of saying goodbye is not worth meeting any new friends, knowing there is a shelflife on time spent together living abroad. My hope is that now that he and his peers are on Facebook, and have access to other types of instant electronic communication, he'll see that the world is small and with some work no friend is lost forever. But I certainly know how he feels! 
When I first arrived in Shanghai there was a group of women I got to know right away. They were unique and diverse and well travelled with amazing stories. Over the past 18+ months, I've said goodbye to all but one, the rest having repatriated or moved on to their next post. Today, however, brought with it the sad goodbye to the final person in that original group of ladies, my friend Kellee. 

This was such a blow because it was…


Good news, our canine friend is back home and back in her usual spot.

She did not need surgery, Lucy Rocket just had a case of acute pancreatitis and is now on a low fat, high protein diet for the next six months. Considering it took two years for her to get up to her goal weight of 2kgs, I'm not sure a diet is a good thing for this petite little thing!

This whole ordeal has been quite interesting. I carry a little baggage from my childhood, having had a grandmother who loved her animal friends far more than the humans in her life. My little brother and I would get to see her only once or twice a year, and when we'd make the journey south to see her, she'd spend the entire time talking to her Weimeraner dog, Schotse. My grandfather would take my family out to his favorite (expensive) steak house during our yearly visit, and my grandmother would take two tiny bites of her steak, and take the rest home in a doggie bag to feed her doggie, who she was always so anxious to get…