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Working Now in Process

Oh you guys. I know it's been awhile. You know how I know? Because my friend Rachel posted on my Facebook page that my blog is collecting cobwebs. And because my Dad liked her post. And because a person who follows the blog but I don't actually know in real life emailed to ask if I was still alive and kicking. I took this photo across the street which is a metaphor for my current situation: Things are torn up and there is some evidence of messy work, but it looks like a ghost town on close inspection. You just have to take my (or the sign's) word for it that anything will happen anytime soon. Yeah. I'm alive. Not kicking, per se, but I am getting out and about a little bit. Today marks six weeks post-surgery. A good friend, who is blessed with a car and driver provided by her husband's employer, has in turn blessed me by gifting the car and driver to me for a month while her family is on home leave back in Canada. This has helped immensely to ease me back out int…