Sunday, December 8, 2013


Good news, our canine friend is back home and back in her usual spot.

She did not need surgery, Lucy Rocket just had a case of acute pancreatitis and is now on a low fat, high protein diet for the next six months. Considering it took two years for her to get up to her goal weight of 2kgs, I'm not sure a diet is a good thing for this petite little thing!

This whole ordeal has been quite interesting. I carry a little baggage from my childhood, having had a grandmother who loved her animal friends far more than the humans in her life. My little brother and I would get to see her only once or twice a year, and when we'd make the journey south to see her, she'd spend the entire time talking to her Weimeraner dog, Schotse. My grandfather would take my family out to his favorite (expensive) steak house during our yearly visit, and my grandmother would take two tiny bites of her steak, and take the rest home in a doggie bag to feed her doggie, who she was always so anxious to get home to see. This messed with my young head, because of course grandmothers are supposed to be loving and kind and very interested in what their grandchildren have to say, especially children they only see once or twice a year. Right? Not always, obviously.

The experience of having a grandmother whose words and actions told me I was less important to her than her dog made me vow from a young age that animals would never be more important to me than any human relationship. And so it has been my whole life. Flash forward to the present, and here I am, completely gutted and losing sleep over a tiny poodle, the only thing I can talk about, text about, or post photos about on Facebook. My excuse for sounding exactly like my grandmother? Two human boys, to whom that same tiny dog is an entire world. Two boys who have dealt with a ridiculous amount of loss in their lives as we continue to move around the world every year or two. So yes, I was beside myself with worry, but it was primarily worry over the possibility of losing this symbol of home and continuity to two children who I love fiercely. And yeah, a big dose of worry because Lu is my constant companion, my Velcro dog (always stuck to me), and though tiny, her absence for a week was huge. Us girls have to stick together in this house of boys.

I am so relieved we're back on the side of health in our smallest family member! Slumber is restored, and the boys are back to fighting over whose turn it is to take her for a walk. All is right in the world.

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