Sunday, November 10, 2013


I had a big writing deadline and I slid in under the wire. It was a script on the theme of HOPE, and man was it really difficult to write. I found a bunch of images for inspiration in the thick of the project, and the Star Wars fan inside me particularly loves this one:

The process took a whole lot out of me, and left me nothing for this little space. I'll be back to regular posting and sharing more of our Chase Family European Vacation (which sadly did not include one of my favorite Chases- Chevy) soon.

In the meantime, a favorite photo from this week:
That's my Ben in the middle from America, Alex from Australia on the left, and Ben from Canada on the right, playing in a Japanese soccer league on a rooftop gym with the Shanghai skyline in the background. Photos like this exactly capture why I love this life as much as I do. Love these boys and their mamas, all friends in the neighborhood.
And in K-9 news, tonight Lucy Rocket is having a friend spend the night for the first time!

Lyla is a Yorkshire Terrier belonging to the family who cheerfully takes Lucy in when we travel. Lucy is a total lapdog who has about an hour a day of intense playfulness, with the balance spent lounging at my side or on the lap of whoever happens to be sitting. Lyla, on the other hand, is a bundle of licky exuberance who dances circles around lounging Lucy.

Having these two in our flat at once has brought me back to when my kids were toddlers and I couldn't leave them alone together in a room even long enough to use the toilet unattended without a certain older brother trying to do major bodily harm to a certain younger brother. I guess Lucy doesn't mind being at Lyla's house (nor does Lyla seem to mind a curly-haired home invader), but having someone else here to share a lap is not cool with our little poodle! No bodily harm done to anyone, and it better continue that way while Lyla's family is off on an overnight adventure out of town! And no, we won't be getting a second dog any time soon. Possibly ever.

Whew. I'm exhausted. See you again soon!

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