Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home Again

We are back home in Shanghai. It was quite a struggle to voluntarily get back on a plane leaving Europe for Asia. Quite the struggle indeed.

We had a marvelous, busy, adventurous time, and I'm full to the brim with excellent memories. I also filled an SD card with photos and had to buy a second one with a larger capacity. As a family, we took over 3,000 photos between my DSLR, my iPhone, Michael's iPhone, and the little Cannon digital camera that Michael used to use but now our budding shutterbug Ben has taken over. 3,000 photos in two weeks works out to over 200 photos a day. I won't be posting all of them (in fact I only just started looking at them), but I did find one from our first day of going into London town that made me giggle as only the mom of two boys who love jokes about bodily functions can giggle...

Here's a quote on a bench, from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra:

The barge she sat in, like a burnish'd throne,
Burn'd on the water; the poop was beaten gold.
Funny enough as it is all on its own, right? I mean, it can totally be a potty joke, right? Throne (as in toilet), poop (meaning deck on a ship, but also could mean, you know, poop). But of course the real humor is in knowing that this lovely quote bedecks a bench right outside the royal pay-toilets next to the London Eye.

Brilliant, right? Already wondering when I can go back. To London, that is, not the toilet.


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