Saturday, October 26, 2013


Safety harnesses are for sissies if you make your living washing the windows of the high rise buildings on the Shanghai skyline. Here was the view from my bed on the 38th floor upon waking this morning:

A little wooden plank, a single rope, a bucket, a squeegee and maybe a spare pair of underpants are all you need to be in business.

I can't imagine the day will ever come when I will not feel my stomach lurching into my throat when I see this kind of thing in China. And I see this kind of thing nearly every single day. Thankfully, it's not always directly outside my bedroom window!


  1. This was a familiar sight when we lived in our high rise as well! A few days before window cleaning, there would be daily announcements telling us to close our blinds so that we 'won't be surprised or frightened' - I suppose, by the window guy hanging there as you trot out of the shower. Life in the villa (5 stories) is a little simpler!

  2. MsCaroline, I'm sure there are daily announcements here as well, but considering there are only a tiny handful of Western families who reside in our complex, they never end up getting translated into English. Surprise!


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