As we waited to pay our bill in our local branch of our mobile phone provider, I took some time to play with the iPhones. As the minutes ticked by and our number was nowhere close to being called, I started reprogramming all the iPhones from Chinese to English. Michael figured out how to work the automated payment machine just as I finished up with the last phone, giving me no time to change them back. Oops.

Good thing I didn't have any more time though. My next step was going to be to take a bunch of selfies and change the wallpaper to my photo. Which would have probably got me banned from the store, standing out like I do, and giving them photo evidence of my mischievousness.
Not really such a good example for my kids that day. But I know it's the kind of thing my own troublemaker Dad would do, and I am my father's daughter, so I'll blame his influence if anyone asks. Okay, Dad?


BigO said…
Nice to see you back in the blogosphere! Glad your sense of humor is still alive and kicking.
:o) Rachel said…
:) Funny! Next time I'm in my Apple store, I might just change them all to Chinese!! lol
Thanks BigO! I always have these silly ideas, but this was one of the rare times I actually acted upon one!
Just be sure to take photo evidence, Rachel! ;) I wanna see!

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