Monday, September 9, 2013

September Issue

My fabulous in laws sent me Vogue's September Issue, which I am positively giddy about.

While my years of being remotely fashionable have passed along with my subscriptions, I still love to peruse the glossy pages of the year's thickest fashion magazine. There's so much inspiration, with exotic locations and artful photography. Yes, the American edition of Vogue magazine is available here in Shanghai, along with most other international editions. But the cover price in America is $5.99. And the cover price here in Shanghai is over $30. Which is a painful habit, even if it's only an annual one. So I was happy when one of Michael's coworkers came to Shanghai on a business trip and hand carried some items from the States over for us.

Yes, I posted this photo on Instagram, and someone pointed out that I could just get Vogue digitally, instantly, for much cheaper. This is true. And I take advantage of e-everything these days. But some things are better in paper instead of onscreen. And the September Issue is one of them. (Have you seen the documentary called The September Issue on Netflix? So good if you like documentaries, fashion, publishing, or photography.)

I haven't yet cracked open the magazine. It's just sitting here, a shiny rectangle of fabulousness staring at me from the edge of my desk. Knowing I have to make it last a whole year, I'm relishing the anticipation of finally flipping through it the next time the weather turns really rainy and miserable and I'm in desperate need of something bright and colorful to pull me out of the doldrums. I hear there's rain in the forecast...


  1. The US magazines here cost an arm and a leg, too. Have never really read Vogue except at the hairdresser's (it's just too far out there for me to even imagine wearing anything I see) but I get what you're saying: when I was growing up, I had a subscription to 'Seventeen' maagazine, and I remember the thrill of getting that big fat Fall edition and how much I loved poring over those pages.

  2. I can't imagine wearing anything in there either... it's all just glorious creative eye candy!

  3. Oh how wonderfull I love the feel and smell of those gorgeous fashion magazines.

  4. Oh I would love to be consummed and covered in that gorgeous glossy.


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