Apples to Apples

Fall is upon us, and many food blogs are sharing about apple picking and apple pies and favorite kinds of apples. I would like to share with you my own personal type of apple.

Green, soft to the touch, a product of Mexico, and perfect for making guacamole. And clearly apples, as labeled there by the grocery store. I'll take a bushel, please. But maybe not for the approximate price of $5.50 USD for two pieces...


MsCaroline said…
HA! They'd be closer if they labeled them 'pears'! And they cost almost that much here - but I buy them anyway - we love our guac!
:o) Rachel said…
Your favorite kind of apple, Heather! :)
CEZ said…
Oooo... my friend in Xian was dying for some since I sent her some guac mix to use. Those 'apples' are not highly desired or those chinese people will be growing them themselves! LOL!

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