Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home again

Hey everyone, I'm back home after a successful surgery one week ago today. There was good news all around. Due to my awesome surgeon's mad skillz, I got to keep both ovaries and she was able to do the entire surgery via laparoscopy, ultimately giving me four dime-sized scars instead of a big vertical slash. Also, I was totally off pain meds just hours after the surgery (it was making me vomit), though I went 24 hours believing that I wasn't feeling pain only because I was hopped up on drugs. Yes, I'm very tender and sore, but honestly this is nothing compared to the pain I had every day prior to the surgery. So many people emailed me, texted me, and sent messages via Facebook saying they'd had the same surgery and it was the best thing they'd ever done. I know I'm just a week out, but initial results have me making the same claim.

The hospital stay, on the other hand, was absolutely crazy. I have a journaling app on my phone, and every time I had a This is China moment, I'd quick open it up and jot it down. After two days, there was so much material I could barely keep up. After seven days, I can write a book. I promise I'll be mining my experience to bring you comedy gold, but for right now I find myself completely exhausted and battling to stay awake all day. I know I get exactly one opportunity to heal from this surgery, so I'm doing it correctly, with lots of rest and help and a tiny poodle who is sooo happy to have her favorite lap back in the house.

So give me a little bit longer to spend some quality time with my bed and I'll give you a great tale. For now, I give you my chest X-ray, which I got to take home as a souvenir. Thinking they'd want it back, I held it up to the window to take a quick Instagram shot and managed to get Shanghai in the background. Maybe my pain had something to do with swallowing whole cities?

I'll be back soon, and thank you so much for the kind outpouring of emails full of support and encouragement. It sustained me during the hard parts!

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Get some rest and save up the material. We are all waiting to hear how it went.


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