Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Heat Wave

Last year at this time, my family and I were shivering through the month of June in Shanghai, having left the already blazing hot and humid Macau behind. This year? I'm already walking down the street, feeling beads of sweat joining up with friends to form rivers while watching torrents of salty moisture dripping from the ends of my hair. I'm reminding myself of the promise I made while painfully shivering in the miserably cold (to me) Shanghai winter: I promise I will not complain about the summer heat.

This is me, not complaining. Instead, I'm gonna work my hot mess status like a tabloid queen. If I can do it without passing out. Water... please...


  1. I can sympathize - Seoul summers are notoriously hot and humid, and, since we walk almost everywhere or take public transport, we arrive just about everywhere between June and October dripping(no exaggeration!) with sweat! Not sure which shoes are better to be in right now - yours or mine. Not quite as hot here, but awfully humid and it looks like the monsoon season is cranking up especially early this year. Preparing ourselves for a month or so of nonstop rain....and no, the rain doesn't cool things down at all. Sending you cool thoughts from rainy Seoul!

  2. Shanghai (to me) doesn't get all that humid. Hong Kong and Macau? 90% humidity for weeks on end is common. Here it doesn't get above 60% on a non-rainy day. So when I hear people here in SH complain about how "humid" it is, I just thank my lucky stars that it's really not *that* wet. Stay dry my virtual friend!


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