Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boys (will be boys)

The other night Michael and I were discussing my photography habits. Which is to say that taking photos is a huge habit, and I make a practice of stopping and snapping away at things that catch my eye or inspire me all the time. Cataloging and storing all these photos is becoming quite the digital nightmare. He was encouraging me to delete right away all but the very best shot. And I do cull my photos if there are obvious bad ones right away. But I also find that sometimes a whole collection of very similar shots become quite magical when strung together instead of just having a solitary image.

Today I was looking for a specific photograph and came across this ridiculous series of photos of Nathan and Benjamin, shot on the parking lot tram in Disneyland, California, in 2010 (Nat's 10th birthday, Ben was 7). Sure, the very last photo is the obvious keeper, but I can't help but laugh at what it took to get there!

So glad I didn't delete a single one of these. It's a good reminder that the boys' reaction to having their photo taken today is pretty much the same as it was three years ago. Some things never change.

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