Monday, May 20, 2013


Just opened my electric bill for the month and found maybe the most disgusting advertising insert to date. Nice start to a Monday... A spiky-poo-thing jumping on a trampoline. I don't even wanna know...

Edited to add:
So I also posted this on Facebook and my friends erupted with questions about what it was. So I emailed it to one of my local Chinese friends, who got back to me right away, telling me it was a sea cucumber. A very popular ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has properties that can help with any number of things such as low sperm count to frequent urination, as well as diabetes and being too skinny. I guess I better stay away from them, as my problem has never been being too skinny! You can read more about them here. And now that I know what they are, I can tell you that I have seen them in a dried state quite a bit around Macau and Hong Kong, where pharmacies that specialize in TCM are on every corner, with their wares on display in the window. I'm not sure about the trampoline though. Maybe in addition to everything else they make you want to jump for joy? You can buy 500 grams of it for 7600 RMB (about $1,270 USD) according to the ad.  


  1. Is it a larva of some sort? Here in Korea, beondoggae (silkworm larvae) are a popular snack - although they're smooth, not spiky. Let us know if you ever do find out what they are...ick.

  2. I did find out, as my friends were far more curious than I was! I edited the post! They are sea cucumbers used as medicine. Check it out! Still ick though!

  3. This makes me laugh every time I look at it again.

  4. My father-in-law says "It is just a commercial trying to sell very "lively" dried sea cucumber. This stuff is good to lower high blood pressure and diabetes."

    So my guess the trampoline is made to make it look more 'lively'..

    Still kind of gross IMHO


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