Sunday, May 26, 2013

Golden Arches

"But Mom, an ice cream cone is only 3 RMB!" 

In Macau, McD's was somehow a regular part of our life. A meal with the kids every week was normal, whereas in the States we may have gone a couple years without a trip through their drive thru. But my husband worked nights in Macau and was fed dinner at work, and cooking just for kids and yourself is wholly unsatisfactory. So cheeseburgers on the cheap it was. I rarely said no to the ice cream cones, even if we weren't eating anything else there. At roughly thirty cents a cone, it was crazy to pass it up.

In Shanghai, we went four months before we made our first trip to McDonald's, and it was only because it was hot and lunch time and every other dining possibility was packed with people waiting for tables. So I begrudgingly got my hangry children (hangry = hungry + angry) burgers and fries to scarf down. The cost was higher than Macau, just like everything else here. I don't think we've been back since. I'm too busy cooking for the whole family now that my appreciative husband gets home at a reasonable time for dinner.

A week ago on our quick visit to Macau we got breakfast at McD's before catching an early morning Ferry to Hong Kong, and man-oh-man did those Egg McMuffins taste amazing. But not amazing enough for me to go find a McDonalds here in the morning.

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up a bit in Shanghai, we've taken to having an evening stroll along the river once again. A small McD's outpost has been erected, serving only ice cream. I suspect my plans of walking in an effort to burn off the excesses of our cold winter extravagances with food will quickly be thwarted. Because a giant soft serve ice cream cone at .50¢ is still a bargain. Or at least that's what the kids are trying to convince me.


  1. Yes it is a bargain! It's twice as much back home. Does it taste the same though?

  2. It does taste the same! And considering there is a Haagen-Dazs restaurant right next to this McD's stand where the cheapest thing on the menu is $7 USD, this really is a bargain! But maybe for fitness (and our waist size) sake, we'll start walking up the other direction on the river where there are no snacks along the way. :)


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