Saturday, April 6, 2013

McDonalds Delivery

What to do if you get a craving for a Big Mac but just feel way too lazy to walk a couple blocks to get one and don't have a car? If you live in Shanghai, you just have them deliver! No, we've never had McD's bring us food (I avoid them, period). All the fast food places here deliver, which I suppose is the Shanghai equivalent of a drive thru.

And just for scale, in my last post when I mentioned scooters, I was talking about what the delivery guy is using, not a kid's Razor scooter! These are all electric powered and there's more of those on the road in our part of town than cars. And none of the traffic laws (like stopping at red lights) apply to them. At least with the electric power they're quiet. Though their silence can be bad as you can't hear them approach. I've nearly been run down countless times, but no near-misses by anyone bearing a Fillet-O-Fish to a hungry neighbor!

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  1. We have the same thing in Seoul - except our guys have scooters with little insulated storage boxes affixed to the back of the scooter. There's no space for drive-thrus here (I'm sure it's the same in Shanghai)so it seems like a pretty reasonable solution to the problem. Don't know what they're like in Shanghai, but the scooters here dart in and out of traffic with complete abandon - I'm always amazed that more of them don't get hit!


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