Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Just a Dinosaur

I got a spammy text which I ran through Google Translate just for giggles. And then figured it was my duty to share so you could have some giggles too.

"Hola Super Brand Mall will be closed for relocation in May, the audience commodity clearing the last three fold straight down the price in the end, more dinosaurs, Carolina, grapes and sounds of Ya Bedding counter guarantee, come buy it [HOLA Rite music]"


  1. You know, I think this is almost better than Konglish! Our apt building is having association elections now and the 2 candidates have taped their information and 'platforms' to the elevator walls, translated into English for the benefit of the expats. Best line: "I will work hard to reduce the inconvenience of foreigners." Still haven't figured out if he's pro-foreigner and trying to help us or if he's anti-foreigner and wants us out... Hope you are feeling better - yellow dust has been down a bit here after horrible levels last week.

  2. That is our favorite line from Toy Story 3! We quote it to each other all the time. The girls have picked up on quoting movie lines in conversation now too. :)

    Anything with more dinosaurs is better, right?


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