Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flat Stanley in Shanghai!

Four years ago my son Nathan's 2nd grade class read the book Flat Stanley. All the kids in his class made their own Flat Stanley and sent them off into the world to have some adventures. Nathan's Flat Stanley went to visit my parents and went with my Dad to work on the set of CSI:NY (which is actually filmed in Los Angeles, not New York). You can revisit his adventures by clicking here.
A few weeks ago one of our friends in Macau emailed to say her daughter's friend, who lives in Canada, was also doing a Flat Stanley project. Stanley was having a blast in Macau, but she was wondering if he couldn't head up north to Shanghai to do a little travelling here. I love having guests, so of course I said yes! Because mail takes quite a long time to get to China (even from Macau which shares a border), and even longer to get to North America, I thought I better post some photos so that Taylor in Canada can see what her Flat Stanley was up to just in case he doesn't make it back there in time for Open House!
Flat Stanley took over a week to travel from Macau to Shanghai, China. Here he is in our mailbox!
We showed Stanley around our flat. He was really impressed with our view of the Huangpu River and the Bund!
We took him for a walk to stretch his legs (travelling can be so tiring!) and showed him some bamboo, which is all over China!
Flat Stanley really enjoyed walking our tiny poodle, Lucy Rocket. He didn't want to clean up her messes though. He might not be ready for the responsibilities of a pet just yet. But then again, he was a guest. We don't normally put guests to work!
Of course, we had to take him to one of the many, many Starbucks here in Shanghai.
Here he is touching the pointy top of the Oriental Pearl Tower. My boys say it looks like a rocket ship. Careful Stanley, it's sharp!
We live on the 38th floor of our building. When you ride down in the lift, your ears pop! Stanley said it didn't bother his ears, probably because his are flat.
Here are my sons, Benjamin and Nathan hanging out with Stanley in front of our building. Benjamin is now in the 4th grade and Nathan is now in the 6th grade.
Here's the view from where Nathan and Benjamin are standing:
The building under construction is the Shanghai Tower. During the few days Stanley was with us, the Tower height reached 500 meters! When it is completed, it will be the tallest building in all of China. The current tallest building is the building to the right with the hole in the top. That is the Shanghai World Financial Center. Isn't it funny that they decided to build the two tallest buildings in China right next to each other? When the Shanghai World Financial Building was first opened, it was the second tallest building in the world! Everyone here calls it the Bottle Opener Building, because that's what it looks like!
Here's an artist's drawing of the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center, and the Oriental Pearl Tower, looking from the area where our flat is located.
You know what is inside the Bottle Opener Building? The post office! I have a funny story about the last time I went to that post office, which you can read here. I tried to convince the lady behind the counter to pose with Flat Stanley before I sealed him up in his envelope to mail him back, but she refused. She also said I couldn't take any photos inside the post office! So I stepped out the door really quick to take a photo from the outside, with Stanley hanging out of his envelope for one last look at China.
Sadly for Stanley, the few days he was with us were very chilly and hazy with lots of pollution in the air. Definitely not the best time to visit Shanghai! Now just a week later, we are having beautiful warm weather and the sky was blue with visibility for miles! Maybe he'll have better luck next time. 
Bye Flat Stanley! It was nice visiting with you for a few days! Hope you make it back to Canada and Taylor safe and sound with lots of stories to tell about your world travels!


  1. Awww, Stanley is a lucky guy! :)

  2. We had a flat Stanley that got lost going to China. :( So we made another one and scanned him over there in order to make it back in time.

  3. Flat Stanley visited me too last year around this time.
    being a teacher i always did this activity even with older middle school kids.


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