Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I'm having a particularly bad week. Having difficulty finding the usual thing to chuckle over in the midst of terrible situations. I had to look outside the situation this time, and turn to the reliability of always finding some really bad English (Chinglish) here in China. It may not be a silver lining to my current troubles, but it sure is sparkly. So I'll just pretend!

(This is a package of sticky-backed plastic rhinestones, which cost 3 RMB / 50 cents USD)

Say it in crystals
well-being and charming!
Auto Beauty
Decorate your car, enjoy your trip.
Computer landscaping
As cold as this technological
products can be changed
to the glaring fashion items.
Home decorating
Make your cup be nice and vivid.
-To improve the pattern and appearance of the product without notifying, please comprehend us.
-Please contact our company if you find defective products owing to the production.
-If you clip or transform the products without agreeing to the warnings, breakage and responsibility have no relationship with.


  1. So what's going on, Heather? Sounds like really awful things are happening this week. Is it the recent avian flu outbreak or the terrible smog or something worse?

  2. Hello Heather, apologies for the random question but found your blog via google and the "crystals". I'm trying to find the source of them in China and really struggling. Could you email me at lilly at if you get a spare minute to tell me where you found it? Many thanks in advance. Hope you are well. Lilly.


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