Sunday, February 24, 2013

Very Unhealthy

I woke this morning feeling like I'd lost the ability to swallow. Though when I tried, it felt a lot like my throat had been lit on fire after being stung by a thousand bees. So that's not good. I already started the antibiotics our wise doctor gave me (she'd asked if I was sick as well while she examined the boys, when I said no, she said to "give it a day or two" and prescribed me a Z-pack anyway).

Nathan and his ears felt somewhat better today, while Ben does not seem improved at all. Keeping an eye on that boy from the comfort of my own sickbed. I think some law has been violated, one that says moms can't get sick while their offspring are under the weather...

In other news, the pollution in Shanghai has been working overtime, and I wonder if that has something to do with the sandpaper currently lining my throat? When the U.S. Consulate says things are very unhealthy, I hope they don't mean us.


  1. Hope you and Benjamin turn the corner soon - smart doctor you have there to think ahead! We've all been a little miserable here in Seoul - seems too early for yellow dust, but something's in the air that's making us all congested and scratchy. Maybe it's blowing our way from China like the dust does!
    Get those masks out and use them - we do!

  2. Thank you! Strange how the air quality here is arguably far worse than it was in Hong Kong or Macau, and yet I almost never see anyone wearing the masks here, while it was a year-round common sight down south. Today the air is such a big mix of pollution and fog (at least I hope that's fog) that I cannot see the street 38 floors below my window right now. Spooky! Glad I've got nowhere to go but my bed!

  3. That sounds horrible!! I just read an article that 'claims' that a city in China causes cancer!It's probably from all the pollution! Is Benjamin doing better?


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