Monday, February 4, 2013


When we moved to Macau, a friend living in China told us about his trips to IKEA to see every furniture display draped with people napping during the middle of the day. After arriving in Shanghai we've been able to see this phenomenon ourselves. It's not like a husband taking a brief snooze while the wife shops, it's sometimes whole families, making themselves at home in the little mock up bedrooms and living rooms throughout the store.

I've never worked up the nerve to snap a photo until Saturday when Nathan and I made a quick IKEA run to grab some special pottery for Chinese New Year and we came across this guy, snoring loud as a chainsaw right at the store's main entrance. Nathan was the one who stopped dead in his tracks demanding I take a picture of him. Maybe one of these days I'll be bold enough to capture a full family having sweet Swedish dreams in IKEA.


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